The Utah Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care, founded in 1987, is a statewide organization that values and strives to promote and support the development of social work leaders in all areas of health care.  We emphasize the vital contribution social workers have on increasing wellness in health care.  Our strength in meeting these goals is due to our outstanding members,  offering educational opportunities, advocacy for positive change in our field and our strong relationship with the national organization, SSWLHC.



  • Facilitate awareness of the opportunities and influence of social work in health care to undergraduate and graduate social work students.
  • Mentoring to emerging social work leaders in health care.
  • Free first year membership to new social work graduates.


  • Opportunities for social work leaders from all fields of health care to meet and learn best practices, resources and values from one another.
  • Extensive email network for members to learn about job opportunities as well as information about important issues affecting heath care in Utah, our nation and the world.